A red “Home For Sale” sign for a family selling a home in Utah

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: You’ve put your home on the market hoping for a quick sale, but your home doesn’t sell. The weeks go on and on without any offers, and you wonder if you’re ever going to sell your home. Luckily, we have tips on how to sell your home. You can take some steps to make your home more attractive to potential buyers so that you aren’t wasting your time and money.

Here are our top home-selling tips when you aren’t getting any offers:

Give Your Home Some TLC

Sometimes, all your home may need is just a bit of love and upgrading. Are there some repairs that are possibly scaring buyers away? Are your wall colors a little too bold? There may be some quick and inexpensive fixes to help refresh your home and give you the edge you need with home buyers. A neutral coat of paint, updated cabinet fixtures, some simple landscaping, or even a deep cleaning may be all it needs. Don’t forget about non-cosmetic maintenance, such as a recently tuned furnace or roof repairs.

Update Your Listing

If your home has been listed for a while, it may be time to liven up your listing a bit. This could be double-checking to ensure that you have all the correct information listed, all your home’s amenities are mentioned, and it could even mean updating your photos to a brighter and higher quality, especially if you made any repairs. Your listing is a potential buyer’s first impression, so make sure you give your home its chance to shine.

Change Your Marketing

A clean, modern living room

Is your home unique? You may need to find your particular target market to advertise toward. Your real estate agent can help you market your unique situation to legitimate and interested buyers, rather than hoping someone comes across your listing. This will take some extra work, and potentially some extra time, but this home selling tip is worth it to find the right buyer.

Check Your Price

It’s common for a home not to sell because it’s not priced correctly. Although you and your agent’s goal will be to sell your home for as high a price as possible, a home priced too high will repel any potential buyers from even coming to see your home in the first place. There’s a strategy to pricing and negotiating the sale of your home, so make sure you consult with your agent on where your home’s sweet spot is.

Sell Later

Although it’s not ideal, sometimes it just isn’t a seller’s market and it may be best to wait on selling your home, if possible. If you can ride out the dip in the housing market, you’ll be able to sell your home quicker and for a higher price, which can ultimately be worth the wait. This doesn’t always mean a loss of income, though. Many homeowners will rent out their previous homes and then sell once the housing market has improved.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Selling a home in Utah with a brick exterior and green landscaping

Every home, every seller, and every home market is unique, which means there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all checklist for how to sell your home. Make sure you have a licensed and experienced real estate agent to help you through this process. They will know both the ins and outs of your local market as well as the circumstances of your particular home, and they can offer suggestions on how to make your home more desirable, or if it may be best to wait. Selling a home can already be stressful, but that stress increases when you have difficulty selling it.

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